Magazine cover with a picture of a brand new building.

Summer 2022


New five-story building with a building under construction in the background.

See, do, learn

You’ll be greeted by a giant purring kitten, can see veterinary medicine in action, find the latest in urban farming, watch water quality testing, and much more in the realms of food, water, and animal and human health. Here’s a guide to all you’ll find at CSU Spur.

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Building with a slanted roof and light on through the windows.

Hot take

Along with waste, we routinely flush hot water down our drains. An innovative clean-energy system at the National Western Center draws heat from Denver’s wastewater and uses it to warm new buildings. The sewer-heat recovery system is the largest of its kind in North America.

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Three kids in red t-shirts looking shocked, two with hands over their mouths.

Field trip

Since the Vida building opened in January, thousands of Colorado schoolkids have visited to learn about animal and human health. Opportunities are expanding with the opening of the Terra and Hydro buildings. Tag along on a class visit through this photographic essay.

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A woman stands with a brown horse on a treadmill.

Horsing around

Like human athletes, equine athletes need specialized care to prevent, treat, and recover from injuries. The new Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic in the Vida building offers this veterinary care for horses whose work involves notable stresses and strains.

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A man in a black hoodie looking away from the camera leans against a brightly colored wall.

Citizen artist

Anthony Garcia is a Mexican American muralist from the Globeville neighborhood near the National Western Center. He’s bringing his vision for art and community to the Hydro building with a mural that reflects the movement of water and the beauty of Hispanic culture.

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Two people stand in the show with a water bottle on a long stick and water pouring out of it.

Testing the waters

Denver Water supplies 1.5 million people with one of life’s necessities. But, first, the utility runs more than 200,000 tests per year to ensure the safety of household water. CSU Spur will become the nexus of that work when the utility’s water quality laboratory moves to the Hydro building.

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Woman in a cowboy hat rides a horse into a herd of cattle.

See Jane ranch

Janie VanWinkle is a fourth-generation cattle rancher near Grand Junction and past president of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association. In her leadership role, she is shaping forthcoming education about the livestock industry at the National Western Center in Denver.

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Green plants laid out on a long platform.

Green thumb

With support from CSU Spur, students at nearby Bruce Randolph School are learning about food and agriculture – and foreseeing college studies and career paths that could help them tackle food security in low-income neighborhoods like their own.

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Radiograph image of a dog skull

Animal attraction

The new virtual reality laboratory in the Vida building features a program that’s improving anatomy education worldwide. Visitors may pull on headsets and learn with the Virtual Animal Anatomy program developed at Colorado State University’s top-ranked veterinary school.

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Two young people pointing up at a TV screen showing multiple images.

Spurring innovation

CSU Spur continues to bloom with opening of the Terra building; Hydro is ahead. The Denver campus spurs innovation through public education, research, and community outreach – starting by hooking schoolkids on college and careers in the critical fields of food, water, and health.

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