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Winter 2022


Marquee programs at the new CSU Spur campus
Building with lights on against a pink sky.

See, do, learn

Visit the CSU Spur campus when it opens in January, and you’ll find veterinary patients, therapy horses, and a virtual reality lab teaching anatomy, among other attractions. Here’s a guide to all the campus offerings and coming attractions.

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A person stands in front of a group of kids who all have their hands raised.

Presenting: CSU Spur

It began as a concept in 2008. Now, the new, one-of-a-kind campus will rev up innovation through public education, research, and community outreach – all focused on the critical global needs of food, water, and animal and human health.

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Black and white photo of big tents with people standing outside.

Ties that bind

No wonder the CSU System jumped to build the educational anchor at the National Western Center: CSU and National Western Stock Show have partnered since the iconic event began in 1906. Read about people, events, and programs that have defined the partnership for 116 years.

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Close up of the side profile of a horse.

A gift horse

The Temple Grandin Equine Center honors a renowned CSU professor who struggled with autism and found her footing with horses. At CSU Spur, the center will host 7,500 therapy sessions a year to help people with a range of disabilities and challenges.

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A river with skyscrapers in the background.

What a river reveals

A revitalized South Platte River will be a major feature of the National Western Center – and the site of many water programs at CSU Spur. Already, scientists are tallying a surprising variety of plants and animals as the riverway undergoes restoration.

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A woman, two children, and a dog in a cone wait in a white room.

A window on veterinary medicine

A nonprofit veterinary hospital run by the Dumb Friends League at CSU Spur will offer sorely needed care for the pets of local residents, while also training CSU vet students. Visitors are invited to observe it all – even surgeries.

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Greenhouses at sunset.

Oh, the places you’ll grow

Glimpse the future of urban agriculture at CSU Spur. Displays explore city spaces as logical places to grow fruits and vegetables, with the aim of sustainably delivering fresh produce right where it’s most needed.

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A boy holds a pepper in a field surrounded by other people.

Together we grow

Diversity inspires innovation. So, this think tank based at CSU Spur draws together some of the world’s largest food and agriculture companies to promote a skilled and diverse workforce for the industry that feeds the world.

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Celebrating alumni working as leaders in food and agriculture